Why I have Gym Time Blocked on my Calendar

Hey Folks,

I have had to put a solid block on gym time for my calendar.  I feel in a professional environment, that this warrants an explanation as to why I am making zero adjustments to my gym schedule for “important meetings”.  I had a block on my calendar about 6 months ago.  Since I removed that block I have actually gained close to 25 lbs.  Since the removal of that block, my personally observed performance at work has degraded significantly.  Exercise per my experiences appears to be a critical component to the optimal performance of myself, particularly my intelligence.

I have gone various periods of various gym schedules on my calendar.  These days with a full family, it is impossible to do gym time after work.  The best time period for gym is between the hours of 1pm and 3pm EST.  As I work for a west coast based company on the east coast and I have many European colleagues, this appears to be a solid time between most happenings.

Consistently when I am extremely active, I perform my duties better, I am more organized and I can code significantly better.  I also appear to learn new material significantly faster.  Beyond the short term benefits I believe exercise will help me live longer and healthier.

In summary, if I do not block my calendar for the gym, I take meetings with people, fill up my calendar and never see the gym.  By blocking my calendar and respecting that calendar block, I remain fit and perform better at work.


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