Test Your Unity Game on the Windows Phone!!!

Mobile devices are very popular choices for game deployment.  The Windows Phone Store has over 4 billion store downloads, which makes it a great place to market your games.  But before you add a game to the Windows Market, is a good idea to test your games on an actual mobile device .  This article explains step-by-step how to get your Unity Game deployed to a test device!

Karl on phone

Steps from Unity

Step 1.  Build a game in Unity with the Cross Platform Input Controls, OR using the touch api.  For testing, I built a very simple level with my 2D character, 4 platforms, and the Cross Platform Input Controls: “Single Stick Controls”.

Step 2.  From Unity, Select File -> Build Settings…

Step 3.  Unselect any scenes you don’t want, such as the sample asset scenes that came with your download.  Select your scenes only to deploy.

Step 4.  Select Windows Phone 8


If the “Switch Platform” button is not already greyed out (as seen in the image), then select it.

Step 5.  Push the “Build” button.  When it asks for a folder, make sure you select an empty folder.


How to set up your development environment

Step 1Download Visual Studio (Express or otherwise)


Step 2.  If you chose to use your own visual studio, make sure that you download the Windows Phone 8 SDK.

I had the best success with Visual Studio 2012 w/Windows Phone 8 SDK.

Step 3Register as an App Developer.

Step 4.  Unlock your phone using the Windows Phone Developer Registration tool.  See link.

Step 5.  Ensure that your phone’s date and time are set to the current date and time for YOUR TIME ZONE.  I have a dev kit phone and had to manually set the date and time.  If this is the case for you, you only need to match on the minute.

Step 6.  Open the .sln file from the folder you saved your game to.


Step 7.  With your phone still plugged into your computer via a usb cable, unlock the screen.

Step 8.  Press f5, with the “Build Settings” selection set to “Device”.


But I got error: Exception from HRESULT: 0x89721500. Here is how to fix this

Step 1.  Close Visual Studio

Step 2. Delete the folder: “C:Users<username>AppDataLocalMicrosoftPhone ToolsCoreCon11.0”.  It will be filled with lots of stuff.  Below is just a portion of what was in mine.


And there you go!  You now have your game on a test device!


Thanks for reading!



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