Push to the Finish – NCSU VGDC

Push to Finish

Have you ever tried to push to the finish on a game you were working on, just trying to get version 1 out the door published to a target device?  That is exactly what the NCSU VGDC is attempting this week.  I will be working with them starting tomorrow and all the way to Friday to get their Tower Defense Game submitted to the store by Friday with a complete feature set bug free!  Luckily it is Spring Break for NCSU allowing for this big push.  Major overhauls include parts of the gui, finish scenarios and mobile controls.  The NCSU VGDC, with my assistance will be submitting for the BAM promotion, App Madness Promotion as well as the Unity Promotion with their v1 deploy to platform game.  I will post daily about the progress as this group pushes to the finish!

If you are a group working on apps for Windows, Windows Phone or using Unity and want assistance pushing to the finish, please contact me via the contact form on this site.

Whether we succeed or fail, it will be a good time, so stop by Cup of Joe on Avent Ferry rd to lend a hand.

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