NCSU Video Game Development Club – PUBLISHED!!!


So the NCSU Video Game Development Club has finally published their first game to the Windows 8 Store!!!  This is a huge milestone not only for the individuals who now have a permanent piece to their gaming portfolio and a shipped piece of software, but also a milestone for the club.  They have legitimized the club as a club that not only acts as a central hub for aspiring developers at NC State, but also in shipping real product to the world.

Download version 1 here:


Key contributors to the project are:

* Denis Zholob (Design Ideas, Tower/Enemy Programming, Level Design, 3D Modeling, GUI, Texturing)
* Austin Snider (Design Ideas, Design Document, GUI Programming)
* Malcolm Cosh (Lanes/Waves Programming, initial design ideas)|
* Tiago Sommer Damasceno (GUI Programming)
* Ro Panugati (Audio Effects)
* Brian G (Music)
* Stephen Waddell (Design Ideas, Wave Programming)
* Duncan (Splash damage programming – this is not in the current release though)
* Peter Joseph Wright (GUI Design)

A quote from Denis is below:

“I am really excited to see this game published, even though it is still in pre-alpha stages. Going from the concept state up until now has been quite a journey and not all of it smooth. Development really struggled with very 2-3 people showing up to meetings in the majority of the lifeline of the project so far. Everyone is working on this project is doing so during their “free” time for only a couple of hours or so a week thus the development is quite slow, so I must say I am really impressed at everyone’s efforts and that we were able to get this far. A lot more people are joining in on the development now who will help push this project to the next level. We have a team of2d artists, 3d artists, musicians, and developers all doing what they love best in developing Cynapse. I must also give a huge thanks to David Crook, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, who gave us so much motivation, resources and help in getting the game out the door and into the Windows store. Cynapse TD is only just getting started, keep an eye out, the next version is coming.”

I am very proud of the NCSU Video Game Development Club for their first game published ever and can’t wait to see what new innovations are to come as they are building their experience with development and release management.


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