I am going to start a series for the NCSU Video Game Development Club and their progress on their game, “Tower Defense” (official name tbd).

I have a particular interest in the VGDC, since I had actually founded the club almost 6 years ago when I was a student at NCSU.  I found their current website and Facebook page, looked up their hours, and decided to stop by. I was thrilled to discover that it is still going strong when I arrived for a visit this past Thursday.  When I arrived I met Austin Snider, who was sitting next to a triple-monitor set up and a Cntiq tablet running Unity.  I knew I had arrived when I saw the Cintiq.  While catching up on the club’s activities during the past few years, several other members came in; including the current president, Denis Zholob.  This is when I broke the news that I had founded the VGDC and am now a Technical Evangelist here to help them get their game out the door.

To say that I was impressed with the club members and their game so far is an understatement. The current project looks fantastic and has as much potential as any tower defense game that I have seen. The first playable demo can be found here.  (Be aware that if you are running IE 11, you may need to enter compatibility mode.)

Here are a few screen shots….

NCSU VGDC Tower Defense

NCSU VGDC Tower Defense

TowerDefense3 TowerDefense2

After spending some time sharing a little about ourselves and our favorite games, we proceeded to discuss the tower defense game that the club had been working on. The whole evening was a bit chop-and-change; prior to my arrival, only 2 members were present but 4 more eventually arrived.  We had 2 3D artists, 2 programmers and 2 GUI artists!  What a great mix for making games!

The game was coming along great, but there are a few major tasks that still need to get done: Get version one finished, out the door and on Windows 8 (no touch yet, sorry folks, that’s for v2), give the GUI a nice overhaul, fix a few bugs, arrange a built in tutorial system, and construct an end-game scenario.

Special thanks goes out to Austin Snider and Denis Zholob for keeping this club running and getting so close with this game.  I can’t wait to see it deployed.  Keep track of this series of Articles, I’ll post more as progress continues.

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