Welcome to IndieDevSpot.com

Welcome to IndieDevSpot.com!
My name is David Crook – I am a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft.  This site is dedicated to indie developers in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, where I am responsible for promoting the development of apps and video games.  This site will be used to inform readers about the various game clubs/user groups, competitions, programs, educational materials and other relevant events along the East Coast.
If you would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to  to contact me (info on my Contact page).  I am currently working with the NCSU Video Game Development Club, UVA Hack-a-Thon, Virginia Tech Hack-a-Thon and the East Coast Game Conference.  Please check out those sections of the site as they come online.

Of course I have to share this awesome picture I found online….




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