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This is a high level article geared for general consumption of the normal individual! I’ve been thinking about types of customer engagements I have been doing lately and decided to break it down into a series of categorical engagements. There are 4 categories of engagements: Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive and Actuated Analytics engagements.

Descriptive Analytics

Various charts showcasing the current state of the ecosystem as currently deployed.  This is the raw data and descriptive information of the current ecosystem.  Charts and dashboards of each item in the system.

Predictive Analytics

Targeted predictions of what may happen in the future with model accuracy assessments.  This is simply saying “Item A is about to be experience state B” in a way that is easily consume-able.

Prescriptive Analytics

Targeted resolutions and recommendations based on the current predictions and ecosystem.  This for example would say “Item A needs Resolution B 10 minutes”.  This would be as a result of a prediction that Item A is going to be state B in 15 minutes due to Data Trends A and B and not necessarily due to Trend C as indicated by the sensory equipment.

Actuated Analytics

Actuated interventions in the ecosystem as a result of prescriptive analysis.  This for example would be an automatic application of Resolution B to Item A as a result of the Prescriptive Analytics step.  This is the stage in which analytics has been brought back into the world in which the data is relevant, be it physical or otherwise.

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