Do you love sports?  Do you love data analytics?  Are you a STUDENT or a PROFESSIONAL?  This is a call for student teams and mentors to participate in the AthleTECH challenge!  Teams consist of 1-4 students and potentially a professional mentor.


If you are in North Carolina and a Student, Student Team, Higher Education Faculty Member, or a Professional in data analytics or front end development who would like to get involved in this competition please use the contact form on this page to connect with me.  I am currently gathering information on teams who wish to compete as well as mentors who wish to assist such that I can bring the two groups together and a team from this region can win!

The high level requirements are:

A sports data analytics application that deploys to Windows 8 or Windows Phone and is useful (and exciting) to fans.

Also note:

1.   There will be a data guide and data sources provided.  Please check the primary athleTECH site for updates.

2.  Prizes are only available to student participants ages 18+.  Though if the app deploys to Windows 8 or Windows Phone and you register as part of the BAM promotion as well, you will have an opportunity as a professional to win those prizes.

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