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This is my personal Blog and Rants.

I am David Crook, currently a Tech Evangelist at Microsoft.  My main role there is to remove blockers for folks using our technologies as well as just show off what you can do with it.  My primary focus is Data Science and Machine Learning with a little embedded tech, web and client tech tossed in to ensure I can deliver end to end products and showcase how that can be done as simply as possible with a pivot towards intelligent applications.  Beyond my 9-5 job, I work on two startups: Foosye and a not yet named Financial Services application for day traders.  And beyond that, I have a beautiful wife, Lydia and daughter Alice.

My opinions and thoughts change as I continue through life and that will likely be reflected throughout my blog.  Take older articles with a grain of salt and realize the world, technology and myself change over time.  If you have questions, feel free to tweet me: @Data4Bots or post comments directly within the blog.


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