Writing Tweets to HBase – Simply

Hello World!

Many folks may know that the South Florida Evangelism team is undertaking a task that many think is impossible.  Well, in that statement all I hear is “there is still a chance!”  The end goal is to create a teddy bear that can have a conversation about anything.  So step one is to collect as much dialogue as possible from as many sources as possible and annotate them.  What better place to power an association engine for word and phrase relevance than something that forces you down to 140 characters to get your message across.

So as any normal developer I decided to start by looking for samples already out there.  MSDN has a great starter for writing tweets and doing sentiment analysis with HBase and C#.  The only issue with the sample is, that it is very poorly written and difficult to understand with no separation of concerns.  So I want to go through simplifying the solution and separating a few concerns out.

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