Manage Azure Blobs with F#

Hello World!

So you are going to notice a slight shift in this blog to start incorporating not only video game development, but hardcore data analytics.  As part of that shift, I am going to start incorporating F# into my standard set of languages as it is the language of hardcore data analytics if you roll with the .NET stack.

This particular article is about building a console based blob manager in F# instead of C#.  The very first thing I noticed about using F# to manage my blobs as opposed to C# is just the sheer reduction in lines of code.  The code presented here is a port of the C# article located here.  This code will eventually make its way into a production system which is part of a big data solution I am building.  New data sets that we acquire will be uploaded into blob storage, an entry stored into a queue, with a link to the data set.  Once a job is prepared to run, the data will be moved to Hadoop to do the processing and then stored in its final location.  So step 1 is…Store data in Blob storage.

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