Miami’s top 10 Jail Bookings

Hello World!

So I’ve been working on building some interesting visualizations with open data.  Today I get to show off a really interesting one, not only will we discuss the visualization in depth, but also dive into how I built it.  And here it is, the top 10 bookings in Miami where the legend is in descending order for most common bookings holistically.

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Testing charts

Hello All,

So I have been on a quest to find a great language/set of tools for data exploration and visualization. But not only that, deliver to modern app platforms. You can see I have been very active with R lately, as I liked those visualizations, but not the F# ones. But then along came this Xplot thing from  Whats interesting about this is that I can write F# code to generate interactive charts similiar to how I did in R.  The big difference though is that I can deliver those to a production environment.  In R, you have shiny, which is “free”, until you want to run real workloads with security etc, then its $10k.  That sucks, I just have a simple blog.

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