Mocking IoT Telemetry Data with Azure

Hello World!

This should prove to be an interesting series of posts coming up, as I am working on a new project that is very unique and interesting. The idea is to use incoming data from Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, Gallileos, Edisons and other assortments of IoT type devices connected to oil and gas pipelines to determine if a leak is currently in progress and also predict if a leak is likely to occur in the future based on current and trending conditions.

My part in the project is all back end analytics, and I have very little to do with the actual telemetry and hardware. The telemetry will be posted using Azure Event Hubs, and thus my portion of the project begins with mocking that real time data at a large enough geo dispersed scale that I can develop a system that can handle it, and then switch my configurations to consume from the production event hubs. Since I am no longer a consultant working on projects with trade secrets and everything these days is about the elevation of skills in the community, I have posted everything on github that you can download and peruse at your leisure. Please note that this is in progress and well the github source may not necessarily work when you look. I’ll try to enforce a standard to comment “working – comment” on pushes to the repository. The git repository is located here:

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