Pi for Brains Robot – Part 1 – Setup

Hello World!

Welcome to my blog’s version of the #IDevThis project that will be coming out.  This full series will be made available on instructables and channel9 once it has been completed as a full unit.

Pi for Brains Robot (aka Danger-Bot)

These days it seems like I’m always dealing with a robot, they are on the phone, in my car, at the grocery store, just about everywhere.  It also seems like every single one of them had Pie for brains, because it just couldn’t do what I told it to.  This project is going to build a robot that ACTUALLY has PI for brains!  Get out your breadboards, your Raspberry Pis and follow along. We will use a high performance cross platform robotics framework, Cylon, Raspberry Pi, and an Arduino Robotics Kit to build this internet connected robot.

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