Using Census Data to Help Pick your Child’s Name

Hello World!

So I had a life changing event this past Sunday at 8:55am 5/24/2015.  My first child was born!  Both child and wife are healthy and happy.  Everything is good in life.  Like many couples though, my wife and I struggled to find the right name for our child.  We didn’t want something too common, or was an old person name, or so rare and funky that nobody could spell it.  We also realized we just had a general lack in knowing what names were out there.  So after much debate and discussion over what to name her, I started doing a bit of an analysis using some census data.  I want to thank Jamie Dixon for providing the data that he found for use in his Dinner Nerds article.  The data itself can be found here.  This article will discuss the code used to go through all of the data and provide insights into child names.

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