Battle of the Programming Languages

Hello World!

So this article is to help provide some guidance around which programming language to use.  Note that this article is specifically geared towards delivering code in which intelligence and information is the soul of the product.  In this day and age, that should be every product.

I want to preface this article with a few things

  1. This is an excerpt from a paper I wrote for internal use of my own volition.  As this is the case, I was able to remove all confidential information and publish my findings.
  2. I only analyzed F#, C#, R and Python.  I know there are more, but I picked the top dogs, but F# had some special circumstances that I felt it belonged.

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Running a Group requires Consistency

Hello World,

This is my first article since having left for Paternal Leave for my new born baby, Alice!  (Singing and yays!).  It will be a simple, straightforward easy to deal with article.  No math here, no programming, just straight to topic on the number one success or failure metric of a user group from my personal experience.

The metric is…Consistency

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Build a 2D Top Down Game – Zero to Published – Part 2

This is a continuation from part 1.  If you have not completed part 1, please go back to part 1 and complete it as this is an addative series where each part builds on the previous part.  Part 1 covered the basics of creating a character controller that supports keyboard input and touch.  Part 2 will primarily cover animation. Continue reading

Build a 2D Top Down Game – Zero to Published – Part 1

Hello All,

Many of you know I have been waiting for the final stars to align so that I could write this article.  I am pleased to announce that all issues technical and legal have been resolved, and I have been able to complete my game “Skeleton Dude”.  The completed version of this game is published to the Windows 8 store and is available for download for FREE!  This link will take you to the final version.  So lets get started!


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