How to Datamine Zillow

Hello World,

As many of you may know at this point, I am relocating to South Florida.  Final location to be determined, but will probably be renting around Pompano Beach or Fort Lauderdale while working out of Venture Hive and the Microsoft Fort Lauderdale Offices.  So what does this have to do with Zillow?  Well, It has EVERYTHING to do with Zillow.  What I’ve found while searching for homes is that between Realtors, Zillow and Trulia, they really just don’t have a predictive analytics solution that works for me.  So I decided to give a shot at AzureML to mash together a few datasets to send me notifications more to my liking than is currently being sent.  So step 1 in this plan is to data mine Zillow.  Luckily, Zillow has an api for that.  Or if you are feeling particularly frisky, Zillow gets their data from ArcGIS (example for Raleigh).  So lets get cracking…

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