Understanding AzureML – Part 1: Regression

Hello World!

So I hope many of you have started using AzureML.  If not, you should definitely check it out.  Here is the link to the dev center for it.  This article will focus on a few key points.

  • Understanding the Evaluation of each Model Type.
  • Understanding the published Web Service of each Model

If you are looking for how to build a simple how to get started, check out this article.

The series will be broken down into a three parts.

Part 1: Regression

Part 2: Binary Classification

So lets get started!


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Develop In the Cloud!

Hello Readers,

This particular article goes out to a few of my students.  I teach C# at a local community college during my Thursday evenings.  One of the things that happens, especially at community colleges, is that you get all sorts of different people from various walks of life.  These walks of life do not always come with laptops with i5 processors and 4gb of ram and 500gb hard drives.  These students only have access to library computers, or computers that are left over from a previous owner that are good for little else than checking email and browsing the internet.  Which in this day and age is perfect for doing hardcore development, but you have to do it in the CLOUD!


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New Indie Dev Newsletter!!!!


I have created a newsletter due to popular request.  I will start mailing once per Month.  Please note that even though most of the content on my site is currently game development related, I will be kicking off new content in other areas of interest to start ups and indies as a whole!  This is the Indie Dev Spot isn’t it?

To sign up, use this form:


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