R Jump Start – Beautiful Data Visualizations

Hello World!

This is a video tutorial for building beautiful data visualizations in R.  You will learn about what Data Viz is, basic charting libraries and finally a full walk through for how I built the Miami Jail Interactive graphic you see in this article.

Part 1: Introduction to Microsoft R Open.

Part 2: Introduction to R Data Structures

Part 3: Data Manipulation with R

Part 4: Beautiful Visualizations with R

This is the final part for the R Jump Start series!  After this session you should walk away with a deep understanding of a few different visualization libraries, advantages, disadvantages as well as having gotten hands on with those libraries.  We will also in the second half spend the time to see what it looks like to build an actual production graphic in one of those libraries for delivery to a website.

The code files and data files for this session can be downloaded from here: https://drcdata.blob.core.windows.net/ch9/Episode7_Files.zip

[00:00] – Introduction
[00:33] – What is Data Visualization
[05:30] – R Viz Libraries Overview
[07:08] – ggvis & grammar of graphics – code walk through
[19:11] – Interactive ggvis basics
[20:39] – Plotly Overview
[27:10] – Faceted Plots in Plotly
[32:02] – Plotly support team rox
[33:06] – GGPlotly Facet & Smooth Lines
[36:45] – More Plotly Talk
[37:38] – Intro to Production Graphics
[38:45] – Data Injestion & Manipulation
[41:00] – Feature Renaming for Graphics
[43:00] – Getting Top 10 Jail Bookings
[45:08] – Fixing plyr/dplyr aggregation issue
[46:55] – Prep data for display
[51:40] – Chart v1
[55:45] – Exploring graphic interactively
[57:25] – Chart v2
[1:08:55] – Wrap Up

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