New Indie Dev Newsletter!!!!


I have created a newsletter due to popular request.  I will start mailing once per Month.  Please note that even though most of the content on my site is currently game development related, I will be kicking off new content in other areas of interest to start ups and indies as a whole!  This is the Indie Dev Spot isn’t it?

To sign up, use this form:


So what Types of Information is in the newsletter?

Each newsletter will include in it two interesting publications that I found during the week.  My top pick of something from the community that week.  A how to article on something tech related and finally a list of events in the local area that I think people should be attending during the next week.

So how do you get showcased on the newsletter?

Submit your cool idea’s and or info to me, I’ll go through what I receive, and pick one to post up in the newsletter that week.  Don’t get dis-heartened if your idea was not picked, I will purposely post only a few to ensure there is good content consistently.  I want this newsletter to be relevant to the community and subscribers, so feedback is always welcomed.


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