IoT Hands on Lab – Azure Portion

Hello World,

For this portion of the HoL, we will be bypassing the Raspberry Pi portion all together and go straight to provisioning Resources and using a local app to simulate the telemetry data. You can alternatively still use a Raspberry Pi as this session was intended, but for time purposes, that can be skipped and the app below can be used for simulating data for a live dashboard.

The local app can be downloaded from here:!3418&authkey=!ACs8W6ZwyDHKVbc&ithint=file%2czip
Unzip the package, open the folder, and run the PowerShell script by right clicking and selecting “Run with PowerShell”. You will need to switch over to an admin session as well as enable developer mode for it to complete successfully.

You will need to generate a device connection string with the Device Explorer, paste it into the text box and click “Send Data” to begin streaming sample data.

Use the document located here:!3406&authkey=!AGawE2hfolHvC8s&ithint=file%2cpdf

You will skip writing the client code and building the Raspberry Pi, but you will still need to download the Device Explorer and provision all of the cloud based resources.

Good luck!

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